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Safe, clean water: PAKISTAN (PDK)

Would you drink bitter water?

We are currently appealing for a water project in an area near the world’s largest salt-mine, Khyura in Pakistan. The population consists of 18,000 people and there are 2,500 houses in the village. Livelihood for the people is farming and labouring. The main problem for the residents of the village is the lack of access to safe, clean water.

The only water available is very bitter and residents have no other choice but to use what they have. Rainwater is collected in pools and used for the daily needs including drinking but it is very dirty and unsafe, which is why many people are suffering from water related diseases and hundreds have died due to this problem.

This water problem had been eliminated a few years ago under the self-help water supply system. But two years later, the water was bitter again.

We want to permanently solve this problem, so that residents have access to safe, clean drinking water forever.

The only way this is possible is if clean water is bored from the banks of Jehlum River, which is 12 kilometers far from the village’s fence.

The whole process of boring the water is very rigorous and requires masses of work, but with your help we can provide these people with clean water forever.

The estimated total cost for this project is £55,000.

You can sponsor part of this project for just £275 and we need approximately 150 sponsors to reach our target and start the project to provide the needy with safe, clean water.

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